4 Reasons to Start a Florida Rain Garden

Florida Rain GardenLast week we talked about reasons why you should consider rain water harvesting. This week we’re going to talk about reasons why you might want to start a rain garden, which is the rainwater harvesting alternative for people who do not want to deal with rain barrels.

1. Rain gardens help recharge ground water

Here in Central Florida we have a real groundwater problem. It’s ironic, because we get so much rain, and because we are in a state that is surrounded by water.

In spite of the irony, these depleted aquifiers endanger our state’s beautiful natural springs, cause sinkholes, and threaten our access to clean drinking water in the future.

If we can put even a little water back into the system we can slow this process considerably. If every Florida homeowner were using this simple method for restoring ground water we could see some dramatic results.

2. Filters Pollution

Stormwater runoff sends polluted water into our streams, lakes, and rivers. But each rain garden acts like a mini treatment plant.

As rain water soaks into your rain garden the toxins inside of the runoff are rendered inert. The water passes harmlessly back into the supply after a portion of it nurtures your plants.

It feels pretty awesome to know that in two very real ways, you’re part of the solution–not part of the problem.

3. Creates a habitat for birds.

Normal lawns are ecologically dead. They may look green and pretty, but they’re deserts as far as birds and butterflies are concerned.

Some of these species are disappearing. Your rain garden, stocked with native plants, could make a huge difference in the outcome for these species. You also get to enjoy the beautiful birdsong in the morning.

4. Rain gardens save money.

Maybe you’re just not moved by the eco-argument. Maybe you want to know that you’re going to benefit.

Fortunately, you are!

They are beautiful landscape features that you rarely have to water. You’re letting your rain gutters do the job of watering your plants instead.

It’s saving you a lot of hard work, too, because you will rarely have to get out there with a watering can.

Rain Control Gutters doesn’t build rain gardens for customers. But we do offer you clean, long-lasting seamless aluminum gutters to ensure the free flow of water straight to your project. If you live in Largo, Clearwater, Land O’Lakes or elsewhere in the Tampa Metro Area call us for a free estimate on rain gutter cleaning, repair, or replacement today.

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