4 Reasons to Start Harvesting Rain Water

Rain BarrelHere at Rain Control Gutters we’ve been talking about rain water harvesting for quite some time. But we realize that not everyone is convinced rain water harvesting is right for them.

So we wanted to give you four reasons why you should make rainwater harvesting into your next home improvement project.

1. Rainwater harvesting helps you save money.

Did you know that rain water harvesting saves you up to 6 months in outdoor watering costs? That’s a pretty significant chunk of change, particularly if you don’t already have an ultra efficient micro-irrigation system.

Obviously people who go all the way, treating and filtering their water so they can use it for all water purposes end up with an even greater cost savings.

2. Rainwater harvesting helps you keep your lawn nice.

Most of the water use restrictions that you see during the Tampa metro area dry season all revolve around watering your yard. While everyone else is struggling with a dry, shriveled up old landscape you’ll have a barrel full of rain water to use to slake its thirst.

You might need a very large rain barrel to take you through the dry season, but you still get to use more water than most of your neighbors who did not decide to harvest rain water.

3. You can get a free rain barrel.

Even the Tampa Water Department wants you to harvest rain water–and they make their money off of selling you water! TWL customers can get a free rain barrel whenever they attend one of the Hillsborough County Extension’s rain water harvesting workshops. These are workshops we’ve covered here on the blog before.

Since the rain barrel is often your biggest expense this is a smart way to take care of it.

4. It’s free to learn!

Oh yeah, most of those county extension office workshops are absolutely free. They just require you to register in advance. So you don’t even have to pay to get real-time advice from the experts.

Did you know? Seamless aluminum gutters are the best gutters for rainwater harvesting. Most other gutters are sold in 10 foot pieces, which means there’s a seam at every 10 feet where water can leak away.

Our gutters only have seams at the corners of your house and are custom made for your home. That means that more water gets into your barrels, helping you save even more money. Seamless aluminum gutters are the green choice–both for your wallet, and for the planet!

If you live in Ocala, Largo, or St. Petersburg you can get a free estimate on our seamless aluminum rain gutters right now. Call us today and we’ll get you taken care of.

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