4 Signs that It’s Time to Clean Those Gutters!

cleaning guttersWhile we issue constant reminders to clean your gutters regularly, we recognize that this task isn’t fun for most homeowners and that it’s very easy for this task to slip most people’s minds.

That’s why we’ve compiled four different signs that it’s time to clean your gutters. These are signs that you can spot and act on even when you are incredibly busy.

Look for Animals and Birds
As your gutters fill with leaves and debris, birds, mice, rats, frogs, lizards and snakes will be attracted to them. The compressed debris makes for good burrows and attractive nesting materials that most animals can’t resist.

If you’re concerned about encountering the animals (particularly the snakes) or if you want to ensure the health and safety of baby birds, then it’s best to reach out for professional help. A gutter contractor will know how to handle these animals the right way!

This is one thing leaf guards really help with, of course. It’s harder for critters to get inside of the gutters when the guards are blocking their access.

Plants are Growing in Your Gutters
We’ve talked about gutter gardens in the past. They’re great when you mean to create them and when they aren’t using the primary gutter systems in your home.

If weeds, flowers, and grass are growing in your gutters, however, then it’s time to take action.

Your Gutters are Sagging
If your gutters are sagging from the weight of all the debris inside of them then you are in real trouble. Your utters may well need replacement by this point.

Let your gutters sag long enough and they could start ripping away at your roof, too. These repairs can be costly.

Besides, sagging gutters are unsightly. They tell all of your neighbors that you’re not taking care of your home.

The Waterfall Effect
Water cascades over the sides of gutters that need to be cleaned. You may have noticed sheets of rain outside of your window. This isn’t a good sign!

If a gutter isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do then it needs attention. Don’t want to tackle the task yourself? If you live in Wesley Chapel, New Port Richey, Land O’Lakes or elsewhere in the Tampa Bay Area, give us a call! We’ll be happy to clean your gutters or give you a free estimate if they need repair or replacement.


  1. Kyle Winters says:

    I agree with the article, if you’ve got weeds and flowers actually growing out of your home’s primary gutter system then you need to get them cleaned out immediately. However, at the same time, it is important to emphasize safety when cleaning your gutters. If you don’t think you can handle getting high enough to clean out your gutters than you might want to consider hiring a professional.

  2. Duncan Lance says:

    Not many homeowners think about it often, but it actually is quite important to keep your gutters clean. As the article points out, one major problem that could result from dirty gutters is sagging from all of the debris inside them. This is a problem that you would want to get fixed immediately as the sagging could eventually lead to your gutters simply breaking.

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