5 Rain Gutter Fails That Could Damage Your Home

Nobody really loves thinking about their gutters. They’re a lot less glamorous, than, say, the new track lights you’re installing in your kitchen, or the new flowers you’re planting in your yard.

But they play a vital role in keeping your home safe from water damage. And if you don’t stop to think about them from time to time, you might just make one of these expensive mistakes.

Failing to clean your gutters.

You need to clean your gutters every spring and every fall if you do not have good leaf guards installed (see below). You can do it yourself or you can have someone else do it, but you have to get it done.

Clogged gutters fail to shunt the water through to your downspout, which should send it away from the home. Instead, the rain falls over the edges and works its way right up to your foundation once more. It starts working its way under the shingles. It gets dozens of places you don’t want it to be.

Trusting the wrong gutter guards.

Most gutter guards are worse than useless. Not only do they continue to let small debris through them until the gutters get clogged, but they actively make the job of cleaning your gutters even more of a pain.

The only gutter guards we recommend are Flo-Free leaf guards, which really do get the job done. All you have to do if you invest in these guards is knock the debris off the surface of them every now and then.

They’re different because they’re actively designed to block debris while allowing water to continue through to the gutters. They’re snug, tight, and made out of industrial-strength nylon. You can read more about them here.

Failing to inspect your gutters twice a year.

Between our driving Tampa-area rains and high winds gutters tend to take a beating. They can get dented. They can pull away from their fasteners which creates a big gap for rain to get through, ensuring plenty of it ends up pounding against the sides of your house.

If you don’t walk your house at least twice a year you’ll never know there’s a problem.

Failing to invest in having your gutters repaired.

Once you find a problem will you groan and go, “man, I don’t really want to spend money on this right now?” Or will you go ahead and get your gutters taken care of?

Here’s hoping you do the latter, unless you like the idea of paying for extremely expensive home repairs later.

Attempting DIY rain gutters.

The only DIY rain gutters you’ll get are vinyl ones. Vinyl rain gutters come in 10′ sections, which means you’re placing little leak points all around the house as you join the sections together. They also crumple and dent with ease.

You’re not even saving much money as vinyl gutters don’t have a very long lifespan compared to seamless aluminum gutters. And, again, you have to factor in the repair costs for any water damage those gutters allow to happen.

Besides, having long-lasting, leak-free, professionally-installed seamless aluminum gutters costs a lot less than you think. If you live in the Tampa metro area, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a free quote on the gutters and leaf guards that can make your life easier for years to come.

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