How To Control Those Pesky Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

backyard-mosquito-controlAfter the heavy rains we’ve been dealing with this summer, backyard mosquito control is more important than ever. ABC News reports that the mosquito population in the Tampa Bay area is now three times as large as it normally is.

First, make sure you’re going through your back yard to drain or remove any sources of standing water that you might find. This will keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs near your home.

You can also try a machine called the Mosquito Magnet. This is one of many natural methods promoted by This PDF is full of a lot of other great ideas, too.

“The Mosquito Magnet, a machine much like a gas grill, burns propane gas that sends out a plume of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes, which are then sucked in and killed. One magnet can control adult mosquitoes over an acre of land, though different levels of success have been reported. For more information see or call American Biophysics Corp at 877-699-8727.”

A mosquito misting system is another option that you could pursue. These systems are safe, but they do have to be professionally installed. These systems works similar to a sprinkler system but instead of spraying water on your lawn, it sprays a safe insecticide in various places throughout your yard.

Both backyard mosquito control and personal mosquito control are important since the pests carry West Nile Virus and malaria, as well as other diseases. Right now you should limit your outdoor exposure at night, when mosquitoes are most active. If you do have to go out, consider wearing long sleeves and use a good mosquito repellent.

By the way, if you haven’t cleaned your gutters yet it is now past time to do so. Wet, clogged gutters are like a big mosquito breeding condo, one you won’t even see as you go around your yard.

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