Be Careful Buying Gutter Guards from Big Box Stores

gutter-guards-storyGutter guards are an excellent investment–but only if you purchase the right ones. Industrial nylon gutter guards installed by a professional can keep debris from caught in your gutter system, making the bi-annual cleaning task that much quicker and easier–you generally only have to clean the top of the guard if you get the right one.

However, some gutter guards are little more than overpriced gutter decorations. Consider this story from the Lansing State Journal, all the way up in Michigan.

Sears charged Barbara Siler $4,770 on a system that was poorly designed and poorly installed. As you can imagine this created some big problems. Here is a snippet from the original story:

Less than one year and two systems later, Siler said she failed to see any protection for her gutters at all.

During heavy rains last month, water poured over the sides of her new gutters, which were already hopelessly clogged. She blames the stopped-up gutters for causing flooding in her basement for the first time in her 12 years in her home…

To make matters worse, higher-ups for the Hoffman, Ill. based retailer–who had previously been responsive to Siler’s complaints–stopped returning her e-mails and calls, leaving her responsible for monthly payments on a new system that wasn’t working, and without a resolution in sight.

Siler had her doubts about the gutters and original protection system when they were first installed last August. The mesh in the protective covering appeared too loose, leaving gaps that she was sure would allow the thin locust tree leaves to slip through.

The moral of this story? Go to a professional gutter contractor who installs high-quality industrial nylon leaf guards, not to a big box store.

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