Caring For Your Yard During a Drought

If you live in our service area, your gutters likely haven’t been seeing a lot of use lately. It’s been a dry couple of weeks for Central Florida. Like many of our neighbors, we’re doing our part to conserve water. However, if you’ve put a lot of care into your landscaping, you might be worried that your perfectly planned yard will suffer during the drought. Use these tips to keep everything looking its best until the rain comes again.

Your first step is to examine your water usage. Chances are that your lawn is actually overwatered in your quest to keep it green. If you’re using old-school sprinklers, it may be time to consider getting a timer or switching to an automatic irrigation system. This will allow you to closely monitor your water usage and strategically reduce it. Your lawn might not be as green as it once was, but you’ll keep it healthy enough to bounce back in rainier times.

If you have a wider variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees, you’ll want to read up on each plant’s watering requirements. Some plants are relatively hardy and can go for fairly long stretches without a drink. Others require a strict schedule of upkeep. Do what you can to keep your prized plants satisfied, but always be conscious of the amount of water you’re using.

Consider cutting your grass a bit longer or less frequently than normal. Letting the grass grow higher allows photosynthesis play a larger role in its nourishment. A grass height of about three or four inches should be just right for your grass to weather the dry season.

Another way to keep grass and other plants going strong in dryer weather is to examine your soil choice. Water is important, but plants can only grow as well as their soil allows. You want to be using loamy, nutrient rich soil that isn’t too strongly compacted. You should also check your soil’s pH with a test picked up online or at your local store. If the acidity is off, you’ll want to adjust it. Even slight variations in pH can make a big difference in the health of your plants.

Remember, it’s dry now, but the rain will be back in no time. Take the time to clean and check your gutters. Damaged gutters leave your home at risk for water damage, so get them repaired before the next storm hits. Keep your fingers crossed for rain and remember to call Rain Control Gutters for all of your seamless aluminum gutter needs.

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