Answers to 4 Top Rain Garden Concerns

Here at Rain Control Gutters we’ve been passionate about water conservation for some time. As Tampa-area gutter contractors we tend to feel it’s important to educate people about good water use, which is why we spend a lot of time on our blog talking about rainwater harvesting and rain gardens. As such, we’ve found we get a lot of questions about them. And though our specialty is seamless aluminum gutters, we find we want to try to answer them as best we can. Will Rain Gardens Lower My Property Value? This rumor likely started circulating..

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Do You Need a Permit to Get a Rain Barrel in Florida?

This is a question we’ve heard once or twice, and we thought we should take a moment to address it here on our blog. Here’s the short answer: no, you do not require a permit to use a rain barrel in Florida. In fact, many of Florida’s county extensions are openly and actively trying to encourage Floridians to use them. They host numerous classes and offer rain barrels you can take home with you. So where did the rumor that you might need a permit for a rain barrel come from? It could have come..

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Is Collecting Rain Water Illegal in Florida in 2018?


Earlier this week we posted an article on collecting rain water. Much to our surprise, we got emails from Florida residents asking if it is illegal to collect rain water in our state. We thought the question was a little crazy at first, just because it had never dawned on us that it might ever be illegal to collect rain water. However, after doing some research we did discover that there are some laws that make it illegal to collect rain water in some states. For example, one Oregon resident was sentenced to 30..

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