Are Copper Gutters Worth the Investment?

copper gutters installed

They gleam in the sunlight and are reminiscent of stately homes and churches from another era. There’s no denying that copper gutters are gorgeous. There are even people who will tell you they’re more eco-friendly than their aluminum counterparts. They’re also the most expensive type of gutter you can buy, so you will want to think carefully before deciding they’re right for you. What are the biggest benefits of copper gutters? There’s no denying copper gutters offer some impressive benefits. They don’t rust. They are algae-proof and fungi-proof. They’re structurally stable and sound. They’re durable..

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The Problems with No-Clog Gutters

Periodically people try to sell “no-clog” gutters. These aren’t gutter guard products. Instead they are literally products that are designed to keep the gutter from developing any kind of clog or debris. Some varieties of gutter guards don’t work very well, which is why we’re very careful about the ones that we sell. The problem with no-clog gutters, however, is that they typically work too well. No-clog gutters don’t just keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutters. They can actually keep the water out of your gutters, too, defeating the purpose of..

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More Vinyl Gutter Home Improvement Projects

After our article on vinyl gutter bookshelves, we happened to notice a few more ways that people have been creatively using gutters, particularly vinyl gutters. As long as you don’t try to use them on your house we are 100% behind vinyl gutters – and all of the cool ideas they are generating! Some people have carried the shelving idea a bit further, for example, by using gutters for other types of shelves. Readers who do lots of crafts might like using them to store rolls of ribbon or metal foil. Home chefs with..

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