Check Out this Cool Rain Garden Video

Having trouble visualizing rain gardens? Still not sure whether or not you want one in your own yard?

Then check out this video from the Hillsbourogh County Extension.

You’ll get to see just how beautiful a finished rain garden can be. The Extension office also takes you through the process, step-by-step.

I’m a bit sorry we didn’t find this video last year, when it was first made. However, the information is still relevant!

Why would you want a rain garden? Remember that they help reduce the pollution from rainwater runoff. Rain water is also a very cheap way to maintain a decorative flower garden, unlike traditional methods, which just run up your water bill.

The crew here at Rain Control is fascinated with rain gardens in particular just because they are a great way to use your gutters to create something beautiful. You don’t normally hear “gutters” and “beauty” in the same sentence!

Of course, you should remember that rain gardens don’t work unless your gutters do. Please make sure that your gutters are clean and in good repair before you invest any time or money into the process. Otherwise, your beautiful rain garden is likely to die, right along with the foundation of your house.

Do you need to have someone come and take a look at your gutters? Are they leaking, sagging, or pulling away from your home? We serve homes throughout the Hillsborough County area, and we’ll be happy to come out to your home as well. We offer free estimates and reasonable prices, so call us today!

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