How to Devalue Your Home by $35,000

devalued homeIt takes a lot of time and effort to add value to a home. But it takes no time and no effort to destroy the value of your biggest investment.

After all, it’s always easier to destroy something’s value than to build something’s value.

And if you want to reduce the value of your home by $35,000 or more, it’s dead easy. Just don’t clean, repair, or replace your gutters for awhile.

In a year or so, your home will start to experience several very costly problems. You’ll either have to repair it yourself…or hope that you can sell it to someone for less than you bought it for.

The Foundation

When you don’t see to your gutters water goes cascading back towards the foundations of your home. Water erodes the mountains into sand at the beach.

And it erodes your foundation, too, causing big cracks that will allow the home to shift. Once the foundation has cracked the walls start to buckle and the home itself becomes unsafe, so this is not a problem that you will be able to ignore for long.

The cost of foundation repair? Hefty. $10,000 is a reasonable estimate.


Water from dirty gutters tends to rot the wood around window frames, too. There’s nothing that turns a home into a chill, damp place faster than water running in through the windows during a rainstorm.

The price of an individual window isn’t so terrible…think $700 or so. But if your home has ten windows then you’ve got $7000 reasons to make sure your gutters become a priority right now.


Water damages siding, too. Siding repairs are no joke either, with the average repair sitting at around $8400.

The damage here is very visible, which means selling your house later may become even more of a challenge.

The Driveway

Gutters are also designed to shunt water away from your driveway. Your driveway is just like your foundation–prone to becoming pitted and cracked over time if water damage is allowed to accumulate.

The cost of repairs? Another $10,000 if you want to replace the whole thing.

Compare the Costs

Getting your gutters cleaned for you is a pittance compared to these costly repairs. Even getting a full, seamless aluminium gutter replacement is not going to stack up to these kinds of costs.

Without seeing your home I can’t tell you exactly how much the job would cost. But I can tell you that you’ll pay less than you’d pay to fix all of these issues. Do you live in Land O’ Lakes, New Port Richey, Brandon, or anywhere else in the Tampa metro area? Then call us for a free estimate and find out just how much sense it makes to maintain great gutters this year.

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