The Easiest Way to Spot a Fake Gutter Contractor

scam-gutter-contractorAnother contractor scam hit the news recently. This time it really was a straight up gutter contractor, so it caught our attention.

This so-called “contractor” cheated his customer out of $7,600. And since he’s been at it for awhile, you’ve got to wonder how much he’s really put in his pocket, and how many people just felt embarrassed and never complained. The story said there were at least a dozen, but we’re willing to bet that there were even more.

The big red flag? He asked for that $7,600 up front.

Real gutter contractors do not do this. We write up a contract. That’s why we’re called “contractors.”

We do the work and we do an excellent job. Then you pay us.

You typically would need a building permit for gutter repairs. Well, we help you get one of those. We’d never suggest you go around them.

They’re part of the process, and that extra $45 actually protects you. It means that you can get an inspector to come and look at our work. If your particular city doesn’t require a permit for gutters, that’s one thing, but most do.

So if you’re looking at a gutter contractor who says, “just pay me up front,” and “you don’t have to worry about permits,” think twice. Do your research and see what your city or county really has to say about building permits.

You should always check a contractor’s license, too. In Florida you can do that at

For example, if you go in there, do a name search, and type “Rain Control Gutters” you’ll see all of our information pop right up, both for our current licenses and for the expired licenses of previous years. So the residents in our service area from St. Petersburg to Ocala can hire us with confidence.

Don’t rely on the contractor’s advertising alone. Don’t even rely on the scammer’s reviews or references. These things can be faked. But a license number can’t be faked, and neither can a permit.

Just be careful!

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