Best Gutter Guards for Leaves | Flo-Free Leaf Guards

Looking for the best gutter guards for leaves and pine needles? Look no further! Rain Control Gutters is proud to offer Flo-Free Leaf Guards, which protects the natural flow of rainwater through your gutter system and won’t get clogged by leaves or pine needles. It fits neatly inside any gutter system you presently have or can be installed in new seamless gutters. You can eliminate clogged gutters and downspouts for good. Unlike the other gutter protection products, Flo-Free Leaf Guards stands behind its claims with a Lifetime Warranty.

Made of 3/4″ thick industrial strength nylon, Flo-Free comes in 5K, 6K, 1/2 Round and Custom Sizes. Flo-Free does not affect the roof shingles and allows the entire mouth of the gutter to accept rainwater. Best of all, your roof shingle warranty is not voided because, unlike other products that nail or screw into your roof, Flo-Free fits 100% into your gutter without attaching to your shingles and is 3/4″ thick for superior strength and durability.

Features of Flo-Free Leaf Guards Gutter Protection System

  • Invisible from the Ground
  • Lifetime Written Warranty
  • No Overflow of Water
  • Say Goodbye to Gutter Cleaning
  • Industrial Strength Nylon
  • Will Not Chip, Crack, Dent, or Change Color
  • Proven across the U.S. since 1989
  • Installs with any Roof Pitch, Type of Shingle, Gutter, Tile or Pool Enclosure

What are Flo-Free Leaf Guards?

Flo-Free is a superior gutter protection product that gets installed 100% inside the gutter and eliminates the need to clean gutters forever. It is made of a ¾ inch thick, black, industrial-strength nylon matrix with carbon black to give it a UV Protection.

Why does Flo-Free work?

flo-free-leaf-guard-tampa-flFlo-Free works by keeping debris out of your gutters, allowing the natural flow of rain water to run directly into them. This is how gutters are intended to work. Why reduce your gutter’s top opening 70% to 90% using a solid gutter cover based on the “liquid adhesion” theory? Your gutter was not designed that way.

Flo-Free leaves 100% of the gutter mouth open to accept water flow even in the heaviest of torrential downpours. This is especially important at the roof valleys where water can accumulate as much as 50 times faster than anywhere else on the roof. This is a common cause of severe overflow problems.

Flo-Free is ¾” thick and extends to the bottom of the gutter providing superior strength. Flo-Free becomes even more rigid in the cold, ensuring it will never collapse due to snow or ice! The patented matrix design prevents snow from entering the gutter reducing the potential for ice damming and icicles.

How Does it Work?

The top surface is very smooth and slick to help promote all debris to slide right off. At the same time it leaves the entire top of the gutter to remain open to draw in the rainwater. This is different than many other guards that come in the form of covers.

If you are wondering if leaf guards are really worth it, learn more at our blog.

How does Flo-Free handle large downpours of rain?

The Flo-Free can handle any amount of rain nature can throw at it.

First, Flo-Free does not cover your gutter like some other metal and vinyl products on the market. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is very porous and leaves the gutter open to handle the rainwater. Second, the industrial strength nylon material actually helps to draw the water into the gutter system.

Flo-Free is extremely popular in Florida and other areas that get hit hard with lots of rain because it is able to handle all that water and filter it into the gutter with no overflow.

Will Flo-Free Leaf guards collapse?

No, Flo-Free is installed with a dome design, which builds strength in the top of the product. The ¾ inch industrial strength nylon goes all the way to the bottom of the gutter for extra strength and tucks under the front lip. To ensure that the product is completely secure and stable, we run silicone caulk all the way around the edges to completely seal the product in place. In addition, during the cold weather Flo-Free will become more rigid, without freezing, which further ensures it won’t collapse.

Will these gutter guards work on pine needles?

Yes, Flo-Free is very successful with pine needles because 99% of the pine needles fall on the roof and roll down and over the Flo-Free. Since Flo-Free is a strong mesh with a tightly woven top surface, pine needles will have a very tough time penetrating the product, any pine needles that land on top of the Flo-Free will be blown away with time just the same as leaves and debris. In areas with a high concentration of pine trees a brush off may be needed occasionally if they become unsightly. But, if left alone nature will eventually take its course.

To learn more about Flo-Free Leaf Guards or to request a free estimate, contact us to get started!