7 Reasons to Embrace Florida Friendly Landscaping

Florida-friendlySpring is here, and planting season is right on the horizon. Soon people will be out there redoing their landscaping and getting it ready for the pretty summer months ahead.

So now is the time to really give Florida-friendly landscaping some serious thought. It may seem to take a little more effort than the landscaping you’ve grown used to doing, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much work Florida-friendly landscaping saves you in the long run.

But if you’re not convinced yet, here are 7 great reasons why you should make a Florida-friendly yard one of your priorities this year.

1. You’ll spend a lot less time maintaining your landscape.

Some people love getting out to lawns, gardens, and landscapes. They love digging, tending, and planting. If this is you, then admittedly, spendijng less time out there isn’t much of a benefit.

However, if gardening isn’t really your thing then this is a great way to free up some time in your schedule. A Florida-friendly garden typically uses native plants, which need less water, less fertilizer, and less attention overall. Why? Because they’ve already adapted to our climate and our soil. They’re meant to survive here, and they don’t really need much help to do so.

2. You’ll spend less money on water.

Florida-friendly landscaping is all about preserving water. That means taking advantage of rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, drip irrigation and other methods that help you do more with less.

Obviously, if you’re running your hose less then your water bill goes down–a win-win both for you and for the environment.

3. Your yard will look better during watering bans.

Most people in the Tampa metro area are pretty familiar with watering bans and watering days. We’re all also pretty familiar with the dry, dead lawns that result.

Then there are those people who always seem to have great yards. They’re probably not violating the watering ban. They’re probably using Florida-friendly landscaping principles to keep their yards healthy and happy. After all, a watering ban doesn’t cover the contents of a rain barrel. They’re free to use those to keep their lawns looking as nice as they like.

4. Your yard will come alive.

Birds, bees, and butterflies will flock to your yard, which means you’ll have a vibrant, healthy yard that’s naturally low on insects. It also means there will be much more to enjoy. Imagine sitting out in your yard and drinking your morning coffee as a bird lands on the nearby feeder. Imagine seeing a flock of butterflies as you relax in your garden chairs.

Who wants a flat, boring, sterile yard when they can have their very own relaxing, thriving ecosystem?

5. Your family members and pets will be healthier.

You won’t have to spray down your yard with as many harsh chemical pesticides and herbicides. You’ll learn how to reduce the weeds. Birds will eat your pests, and you’ll have other pest-control methods at your disposal, too.

Admittedly, many pesticides and herbicides are supposed to be safe. But imagine spraying down your yard, then watching your beloved dog roll around in the chemicals you just used. Cringe a little as you think about your child carelessly coating his or her skin in it. It stops seeming so safe. Chemicals can have an unpredictable impact on anyone’s health, particularly the very young and the very small.

It certainly never hurt anybody to have fewer chemicals in their life!

6. You’ll get to continue enjoying everything Florida has to offer.

Most people in Florida enjoy our sparkling waterfronts and lagoons, our beautiful wildlife, and all of the sporting and recreation opportunities that come along with them. Many people move to this state simply because they want to experience these things.

However, like it or not, our water use habits are threatening these resources. If you enjoy them, it makes sense to work towards preserving them. We may not have much control over what other people do, but we always have control over our own actions–and when a lot of people decide, all at once, that they’re going to make a chance they tend to create a big impact.

7. There are a ton of tools to help you.

Florida-friendly landscaping doesn’t have to be hard. There are dozens of tools to help you, including:

Hopefully all of this will help you get started, so you can enjoy a Florida-friendly lawn all year long.

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