Community Event: Florida-Friendly Landscape Class

If you’ve missed previous Florida-friendly landscape classes you’re in luck, because there’s a new one on the way. On May 8th, Pinellas County Extension will host “Ten Easy Steps to a Florida-friendly Landscape.”

The class will be taught by Doriss Heitzmann, the Florida-friendly Landscaping Community Outreach Coordiantor for Pinellas County Extension. You can’t get much more expert than that!

You’ll learn important info about building a landscape that is less water-dependent than most “traditional” landscapes. You’ll also learn how to make your landscape a haven for local wildlife. You’ll even learn how to save some money, both on water and on fertilizer.

The class starts at 2 pm and will be held at the Palm Harbor Library in Palm Harbor, FL, which is halfway between Clearwater and New Port Richey. The class is free, and you can register online. You do have to register at least 24 hours before the event in order to participate.

It’s almost true summer, which means full-tilt landscaping efforts will be underway in many households. If you’re committed to creating a sustainable garden with Florida-friendly native plants it is absolutely the right time to start planning and learning.

Can’t make the class on the 8th? The event notice does state that the class takes place on “multiple dates,” though there’s currently no information online about the status of those dates. You can call the Extension office at 727-585-2100 if you want to find out about future classes.

You can also look over this handy resource, which offers 100 pages of information about Florida-friendly landscapes.

And don’t forget one of the first steps–putting your gutters to work! After all, if you can catch rain water for gardening purposes then you’ve already won half the battle.

(Psst. You can’t collect rainwater in dirty gutters. If you haven’t cleaned them yet, just call us already!)

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