Florida Gets More Sinkholes

sinkholeThough there haven’t been any more cases of houses swallowed up by sinkholes, there have still been plenty of sinkhole problems this year. In fact, they’re almost becoming an epidemic.

A sinkhole nearly swallowed a woman’s smart car while she was in the middle of driving it. She thought that she was merely driving over an area of street that was moderately flooded by a broken water main. That “mild flood” turned out to be hiding a sinkhole.

Another sinkhole drove five families out of an apartment complex early this month. And some people who have Florida timeshares have been fighting insurance companies in the hopes of getting their sinkhole losses covered.

Sinkholes even went to Disney World this August.

There are several more sinkhole stories from around the state. And the sinkhole repair industry is experiencing a big boom.

While you can’t control sinkholes you can take precautions against them. Review the signs of sinkholes and make sure that you get your home checked out if you see any of them. Check your insurance policies to make sure that you have sinkhole insurance coverage.

Be sure to avoid streets that look like they might have a broken water main on them. That water could be hiding a sinkhole.

You can help with Florida’s sinkhole problems by paying more attention to water use issues. Empty aquifiers are one of the reasons why sinkholes appear.

Experts won’t confirm that there are any more sinkholes than usual, but it can’t hurt to be mindful of our own potential impact on the problem, either. In the meantime, stay safe.

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