Are There Granules in Your Gutters?

Old composite  roof with damageFall is coming, which means soon it will be time to clean your gutters once again (or, at least, to have someone clean them for you). So we thought this would be a good time to discuss one type of gutter debris that should be cause for alarm.

Roof shingle granules.

Most asphalt shingles are covered with little granules. When they start washing into your gutters it is a sign that the roof probably needs to be replaced.

You see, your roof, soffits, fascia, and gutters all work together as one big system designed to help your home shed water. When it all works properly the water flows out of your downspouts instead of into your house.

If any part of this system is not maintained properly then you get expensive water damage somewhere in your home.

Granules don’t start appearing in your gutters until your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. There are other signs of a roof in decline, of course: you also would need to replace your roof if the shingles are blistered or curling, or if your roof is sagging. But granules in the gutters are one of the early warning signs.

Some people go into denial when they see roof granules. They say that they had a 25 year roof warranty, and it’s only been 18 years, so clearly, the roof must be fine. Unfortunately, a warranty can’t tell you how much wear and tear your roof has dealt with.

Especially here in Florida. People who live in Clearwater or elsewhere in the Tampa Bay Metro area have to deal with harsh weather conditions on a regular basis. Those severe storms can make a significant impact on the lifespan of your roof.

Bottom line? Get it checked out before it becomes an even bigger, more expensive problem. Your homeowner’s insurance or existing warranty may well let you pay for the replacement, so don’t let that stop you. At this stage you may only need to replace some worn shingles.

In a few months, you might have roof leaks and water damage all over your home.

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