Gutters Make the Best Bath Toys!

best-bath-toysMoms do some pretty cool things with gutters. Recently I ran across Moms who had managed to rig gutters into bath time toys.

The Brooding Hen took a series of PVC pipe elbows and Ts and combined them with suction cups to make a sort of whimsical tumbling waterfall on the side of the tub. Play at Home Mom actually drilled holes into the lip of a section of vinyl gutter and threaded suction cups through the holes.

Play at Home Mom added a few PVC Pipe sections to her water play array as well. They originally tried this with a toy called Waterway Pipes, but the set-up wasn’t strong enough, resulting in a system that eventually fell off the wall. They were more colorful, however!

Darrenlers absolutely love to play with water. They can pour the water into the gutters and watch what happens. As little natural scientists this teaches them a great deal about the way the world works.

And if you have a toddler who doesn’t enjoy taking baths something like this may become the solution. They might welcome the bath if it means they can play with their water works!

Obviously, you’ll only want to use vinyl gutters if you want to construct a water play station of your own. That’s just as well since, as I’ve observed before, vinyl gutters are really only good for crafts and projects to begin with! I’m just constantly surprised by all the creative ways people find to use them.

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