Hillsborough County Extension Teaches Citizens to be Water Wise

Here at Rain Control Gutters we are gaining more and more of an appreciation for our county extension offices and what they do for residents in the Tampa Bay metro area. They hold lots and lots of cool educational events which address many of the issues that we’ve touched on in our blog.

Hillsborough County is holding a whole bunch of these on June 1st.

First, there’s a free “Water Wise” workshop for Hillsborough County residents:

This Water-Wise workshop will teach you how you can have a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape while conserving water. Tips on installing and using micro-irrigation are also presented. This irrigation method not only conserves water, but is not as restricted by current water restrictions as traditional in-ground irrigation systems! Hillsborough County residents may receive 1 free micro-irrigation kit (per household, and the representative of the household must be an adult) when they attend a workshop.

The workshop is from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. You can register online.

There is also a Rainwater Harvesting workshop on the same day, from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. Again, this workshop is for Hillsborough County workshops only and is free to attend.

Learn how Rain Barrels are useful for collecting rain water for irrigation while reducing erosion and storm water runoff and how to make your own barrel using a 55-gallon plastic food-grade drum. Hillsborough County residents may receive 1 free rain barrel (per household, and the representative of the household must be an adult) when they attend the workshop.

You can register for this workshop here.

For non-residents there are 3 events from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, each available for $26. One is a composting class, one is a paid Water-Wise event and one is a Rain Barrel event similar to the ones for resident.

The same giveaways are available at the paid workshops. The composting workshop comes with a compost bin and a thermometer.

Register for the paid events here.

Each event is located at the Hillsborough County Extension at 5339 County Rd. 579 in Seffner, FL. Call (813) 744-5519 if you have any questions about the events.

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