How to Inspect a Roof to Keep It Maintained Properly

how-to-inspect-a-roofGutters help you protect your roof from leaks and water damage, but they can’t do everything. It’s important to know how to inspect a roof for trouble once a year to keep it properly maintained. Spring is approaching, and spring is certainly a good time to get the job done.

Don’t wait until the roof seems to be leaking to give it attention. By the time a leak manifests inside of the home the roof is usually in real trouble. At that point, the water has gotten so bad that it’s soaking through multiple roof layers, including the insulation and the rafters.

Instead, use this inspection checklist to help you keep your roof healthy and strong. A properly maintained roof can last up to 20 years before it needs a replacement, so taking these steps can save you thousands of dollars.

  • Check for debris on your roof and remove anything you find.
  • Check for moss, algae, or fungus; remove anything you find.
  • Look for overhanging tree branches and trim them so they don’t fall on your roof during the storm season.
  • Check your attic for dark stains, rot, or signs of mold.
  • Check the attic while it’s raining; use a flashlight to look for leaks.
  • Check your eaves for signs of rot or infestation by animals.
  • Look for worn, damaged, or missing shingles.
  • Check for cracks, breaks, or damaged portions of your roof.
  • Check metal roofs for rust or pitting.
  • Check to ensure your flashing is undamaged and in good repair.
  • While cleaning your gutters, check for excessive shingle granules or materials in your gutter which might indicate a problem on your roof.

If you do discover a problem it’s time to call a roof contractor right away. Sometimes locating the source of the leak can be half the battle, since leaks often manifest far away from the actual source of the problem. These professionals are equipped to locate the problem and fix it. Don’t try to put your own “roof patch” on the problem since that can trap moisture beneath the patch, leading to interior rot later.

Remember, your roof, gutters, soffit and fascia are all part of a total water management system that protects your home. If any part of the system is distressed then all of the other parts will soon start developing serious issues as well. Those issues can easily spread to other parts of your home, requiring thousands of dollars in repairs – but this can all be avoided by doing annual roof inspections!

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