How to Get Rid of Love Bugs

how-to-get-rid-of-love-bugsThe Florida love bug season is in full swing and we’ve been battling them as we’ve been installing gutters here in Central Florida. People in our service area are all too familiar with them, but for those of you who read our blog outside of Florida, let me introduce you to these nasty bugs.

Though we call them bugs they are actually flies, and around this time of year they decide to mate. They love to congregate around highways where they slam into car windshields and grills, becoming a traffic hazard.

They like the highways because the fumes remind them of rotting leaves and vegetation, two things they really enjoy. They’re attracted to lawnmower fumes and the smell of fresh paint, too.

It’s a really good idea to clean up the swarms right away, whether they’re on your car or stuck to your gutters. Their bodies are acidic and they can do permanent damage.

And if you let dead love bug bodies dry then you’ll get to deal with a mess that’s akin to leaving oatmeal in a bowl overnight. They turn into a kind of nasty cement product.

But there’s actually a specific Florida product for keeping these things off your car. Appropriately enough, it’s called The Love Bug Solution.

The idea is the solution creates a clear coating that keeps the love bugs from sticking. If a few do manage to get on your car you can just wash them away.

Take a look.

You can even visit their site to track love bug outbreaks.

You can also discourage love bugs from entering your yard with a few simple steps:

  • Get rid of dead leaves and other debris.
  • Avoid painting projects until love bug painting season has passed – they love the smell of fresh paint.
  • Avoid idling your car or lawn mower to keep your yard free from gas fumes.

One thing’s for sure. Between love bugs, sinkholes, giant snails and hurricanes, life is never dull around here.

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