How to Increase Your Home’s Value

increase home valueIn today’s tough Florida housing market it’s more important than ever to stay competitive when it’s time to sell your home. That means choosing some quick, budget-friendly projects to make your home more valuable. Here are a few ways to do that.

Step 1: Freshen Up Your Fixtures
Fixtures are cheap to replace, but they can make your home look more updated and attractive. It’s extremely helpful to make sure that each of the fixtures has the same style and finish. Whether you’re going for a contemporary feel or a country feel it’s a good idea to give your home a uniform style.

  • Add new cabinet handles or drawer knobs in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Replace faucets and shower heads in the kitchen and bath.
  • Replace and update all the light fixtures in your home.

Step 2: Break Out the Paint
Paint can make an old home look brand new. A little time with an interior designer can make this step more effective, helping you choose striking color combinations that help your home stand out from the crowd.

  • Paint the walls and trim.
  • Paint or resurface cabinets.
  • Paint or stain fences and decks.
  • Paint exterior doors and trim.

Step 3: Touch Up the Other Interior Details
There are several other easy interior details that you can see to. Many of them are easy, quick tasks, too.

  • Find and install new face panels for your fridge and stove.
  • Install new toilet seats.
  • Re-grout shower tiles and floor tiles.
  • Clean all carpets.
  • Re-stain wood floors.

Step 4: Clean Up Exterior Details
Curb appeal makes a huge difference when you’re trying to sell. Fortunately, the measures you can take for improving your curb appeal are all very fast and inexpensive.

  • Make sure the grass is cut.
  • Sweep the driveway.
  • Mulch your flower beds and plant flowers.
  • Re-paint the entry area.

Another step you could take would be to check, repair, and clean your gutters, or replace them if necessary. Bad gutters can make your home look old and worn down. The advantages of our seamless gutter system could prove to be a nice selling point as you or your Realtor show a buyer around.

If you’d like us to look at your gutters as you update your home just call us for a free estimate. We’ve helped many homeowners in Homosassa, Beverly Hills, and the Tampa Bay area do the same!

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