How to Keep Creatures Out of Your Gutters

creatures-in-guttersHere in the Tampa Bay Area the 2013 Python Challenge has begun. Central Florida has an infestation of an invasive species of Burmese Python, so hunters have been given special licenses – and the promise of a $1,000 prize – to find and humanely dispose of the creatures.

As far as we know, Burmese Pythons haven’t made it into any gutters, but sometimes other animals (including other species of snakes) do. This can be a distressing situation, especially if some animals are frightening to you or your family members.

Animals in your gutters also just aren’t great for gutter efficiency. Any debris in your gutter is bad for its ability to do its job.

Here are a few tips to help you keep the animals out of your gutters.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

As we covered in a previous post, animals like dirty gutters. They like to burrow down deep in the leaf and soil cover. If you do everything you can to keep your rain gutters clean then they’ll be much less attractive to visitors.

Get Gutter Guards

Animals can’t take up residence in your gutters if they can’t get inside of them. Gutter guards also help you keep your gutters clean so that they don’t want to.

Cover Your Downspouts

Sometimes animals simply climb up your downspouts. To their eyes, a downspout looks like a perfect shelter built just for them.

You can solve this problem simply by adding a hardware mesh cloth to your gutter downspout. This will let the water stream out without letting the animals back in.

Try Eco-Friendly Repellents

There are several eco-friendly bird, snake, and rodent repellents on the market. They don’t hurt the animals. They just emit smells that the animals don’t particularly like, or which scare them away. You can apply these products to your gutters to make them a less attractive home.

You can also try to scare the animals away. There are special sound wave speakers that emit frequencies many animals hate; these can be mounted near your gutters.

You can also try fright inducers like owl decoys or eagle decoys. These can be placed on or near the gutters.

Trim Your Trees

Animals use trees to leap into your gutters. Make sure to keep overhanging limbs pruned away from your roof.

As a bonus, this technique also spares your roof from damage when there are storms.

Practice Good Pest Control In Your Yard

Animals often arrive in your gutters because you’re keeping an array of tasty animal foods in your yard. Keeping insects out of your yard will cut down on lizard problems. Keeping rodents out of your yard will cut down on snakes.

Remember, if you see animals in your gutters it’s best to call professional help. We can remove these creatures safely, just as we’ve done for homeowners in Homossassa, Beverley Hills, and the rest of the Tampa Bay area for over 35 years. Call us today for a free estimate.

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