How To Prevent Mold and Mildew In Your Home

how to prevent mold  and mildew in your homeMildew is mold’s close cousin, and it can be equally destructive so it’s important to learn how to prevent mold AND mildew in your home. Mildew is a powdery grey or white substance which loves to attack damp places in your home.

Like mold, mildew is far easier to prevent than it is to remove. Here are some of the steps that you can take to prevent these from overtaking your home.

Promote Air Flow

Preventing mildew begins with air flow. Mildew likes dank places where the air is still.

Run your ceiling fan. Be sure to run your bathroom fan after a really hot shower, too.

Even the placement of your furniture can matter to your air flow. Put a little space between your furniture and the wall whenever possible.

Reduce Moisture in the Air

Reducing moisture is vital to mildew prevention. We don’t just mean the moisture that comes in from the outdoors, either. After all, if your roof, gutters, soffit and fascia are in good repair than not much moisture should be attacking your home from outside.

The air indoors can still grow very moist, however, which is where using a humidifier comes in. It’s also helpful to use silica gel. Simply place packets of the gel in closets and in drawers.

Watch Your Laundry

Wet clothes are a huge source of mildew. Don’t store clothing when it’s wet, and don’t leave wet clothes in the washer too long.

Mildew will start on wet clothes. Then it will spread, easily, to other areas of your home.

Fix Leaks Fast

Ruthlessly eliminate leaks wherever and whenever you find them. Water damage is water damage, whether it comes from a leaking pipe under your sink or from a windowsill that’s seeping thanks to gutters that are in poor repair.

Once you discover the leak you’ll also want to clean up the associated water as soon as you can. Standing water is an open invitation for mold and mildew to enter your home, and once it’s there you’ve got a whole new set of problems on your hands.

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