How to Solve Downspout Drainage Problems

downspout-drainage-problemsSometimes water tends to pool up around the downspout. This can be bad news as it keeps standing water too close to your home for comfort.

There are a few things you can try. For some people, a little concrete downspout extender will provide plenty of protection.

Other solutions I’ve covered on this blog include:

Today I came across another solution on a blog called Growing the Home Garden. The owner of this blog has opted to create dry creek beds under his downspouts.

The solution is elegant and contributes a nice new feature to his landscape. It also lets him water plant beds near his house without endangering the foundation. It’s almost like creating a different type of rain garden.

Here’s a description of his method:

It only involves three steps.

  • Direct the water down the pathway by digging a trench a little deeper than you need it.
  • Lay a plastic layer over the trench to keep water flowing away from the trench.
  • Cover with stone. I used a combination of gathered limestone and pea gravel. After the pea gravel I edged it with other stones and made patterns.
  • As you can see there are all sorts of creative solutions to help you deal with downspout drainage problems. But before any of them will help you’ll need clean, leak-free gutters that aren’t clogged on the inside.

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