Pinellas County Extension Hosts Landscape for Life

Here on our blog I spend a lot of time talking about good landscaping and water practices. It’s just sort of a natural outflow (no pun intended) of our calling as gutter contractors. All of those issues are inter-related, and we can’t help but think about them.

Still, there’s nothing like attending a live seminar with real experts. That’s why we thought we’d give you the heads-up about the Pinellas County Extension “Landscape for Life” classes.

This is actually a series of 6 different classes that will be held starting February 4th. The final class will be on March 18th.

All of the classes take place at the Pinellas Extension at 12520 Ulmerton Road in Largo.

And you actually need school supplies! You need to bring graph paper, trace paper, colored pencils, and a ruler. I gather that you’re going to be creating your own landscape plan.

The class will teach you how to create a landscape that works with nature instead of against nature. And, of course, your awesome landscape will still look great, too.

It’s actually pretty amazing just how much damage we can restore just by tending to our own lawns and gardens. And, in contrast, how much damage we can cause by being careless or by failing to understand the impact that we can have.

You’ll be receiving instruction from Master Gardeners and Extension personnel, so you’re going to be in very good hands. It’s always cool to go to these things in person if you can since you get a chance to ask questions of people who are really good at what they do.

Tickets for the entire 6 week event cost $37.92. You can order them online.

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