Leaf Guards – Are They Worth It?

Often it can be difficult to know whether or not upgrades on home renovations are worth-while. Yet, in the case of adding a leaf guard to your homes gutters, it can save you a lot of head ache and money in the end. Rain Control Gutters can offer a great solution for your gutters in Central Florida.

Why do I need one?

Open gutters can cause many issues that most don’t tend to think about. When leaves fall into your gutters they clump together and cause clogs which can result in the gutter becoming useless. To keep this from happening, people must regularly climb up high ladders in order to clear the gutter of debris, which can be bothersome and dangerous.

If you don’t clear them frequently enough, these clogs can lead to leaks and flooding, which may cause damage to your home. This water damage can be costly and result in numerous other issues, such as mold and rot. In some cases, rain water will pool near the foundation of a house and seep into the basement, causing flooding inside your home.

Leaf guards will solve all these issues by blocking the gutter from debris, such as leaves and pine needles, forcing them to flow off the roof and onto the ground. There are several options when buying these guards, but ours is made of industrial strength nylon that allows the entire mouth of the gutter to collect rain, which is what your gutter was designed to do. The porous material allows the rain to easily flow into the gutter while its smooth texture allows debris to simply slide off. It is thick and extends to the bottom of the gutter so it will never collapse and becomes stronger in colder weather, preventing buildup of snow and ice.

Because of its design, this guard will eliminate the need to ever clean out your gutters again and protects it from cracks and leaks. It can handle any amount of rain without worry of overflow onto your home and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Where do I go from here?

Leaf guards can reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs that uncovered gutters require and are a great investment for any home. If you have any questions about leaf guards, how they work, or you would like an estimate, please feel free to contact us today for more information!

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