Marion County Extension Hosts Micro-Irrigation System Class

On Tuesday, June 11th from 10 am till noon, gardeners in and around Ocala will have the opportunity to get hands-on micro-irrigation training from the Marion County Extension. This is a hands-on workshop located at 2232 NE Jacksonville Road in Ocala.

Registration is free. You need to call Donna Redner at 352-671-8400 if you want to reserve your seat.

Micro-irrigation is also known as drip irrigation or trickle irrigation. It is a form of irrigation developed to make good use of small water supplies.

These systems are easy to customize. They’re also incredibly efficient because they deliver water straight to a plant’s root systems.

How do they stack up to regular irrigation systems? Most irrigation systems measure flow rates in gallons-per-minute. Micro-irrigation flow rates are instead measured in gallons-per-hour.

Micro-irrigation prevents you from losing water to run-off. Like rainwater conservation and harvesting, it’s an inexpensive way for those who are concerned about Florida’s pressing water-use issues to chip in.

The class can help you build a truly effective system for your garden. This is the only time this year that the Marion County Extension is running a micro-irrigation program.

If you can’t get out there, the Noble Foundation has a 14 part series online:

You could also take a look at this micro-irrigation guide from Lowes, which may help you get a better understanding of the systems and whether or not it will be worthwhile for you to attend the class.

And if you do miss this class or find that it’s not a good fit for your garden or landscape, you might still want to check out the full Marion County Extension calendar of events. They run gardening classes every month!

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