How Much Does it Cost to Clean Gutters?

Clogged gutterWhile October, November, and December certainly aren’t Tampa’s wettest season, we can still expect six to seven inches of rainfall over the coming months. In addition, summer’s heavy rains and our recent run-in with Hurricane Matthew mean unprotected gutters are probably overflowing with debris – at least, they are if you didn’t follow our advice back in August when we told you to take care of your fall gutter cleaning.

At this point, it’s wise to simply hire someone like us, your friendly neighborhood gutter guys, to come and take care of the problem. Yet you might have held off on calling us for fear that gutter cleaning services will cost you an arm and a leg.

We’ve got good news.

Most houses range from $75 to $200. Smaller houses do cost less than bigger houses, but even McMansions don’t cost a lot in the grand scheme of things.

Compare that to the cost of replacing your gutters when they fall right off your house. Or compare it to the cost of water damage, which can easily set you back $10,000 or more.

When you look at it this way it kind of makes sense to go ahead and pick up the phone.

While we’re there, we can even get you a quote for Flo-free leaf guards, perfect for homeowners who don’t want to spend $100 to $400 on a bi-annual gutter cleaning project. You’ll still have to brush those off every now and then, but brushing gutters is a lot less painful for most homeowners than cleaning them.

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