We’re Offering a Scholarship!

florida-works-scholarshipAt first we thought the idea was a little weird. A gutter contractor, offering a scholarship?

The more we thought about it, the more we liked it. We want to see Florida’s economy grow and flourish. And we want to give back to our local Tampa Bay Metro area community.

Granted, our scholarship reaches to every corner of Florida, because we also just like the idea of helping students out. That’s why we launched the Rain Control Florida Works Scholarship.

Choosing an essay question was probably the hardest part. We couldn’t think of anything that would appeal to a broad range of students by focusing on gutters or home improvement. We initially thought about tackling ecological or water-use issues, but again, that wouldn’t necessarily apply to the interests and aspirations of every student who might apply for the scholarship.

That’s why we finally focused on Florida’s economy. That has an impact on all of us, especially since we’ve opened this scholarship to Florida residents who intend to pursue educations in Florida post-secondary schools.

So how can you help? Obviously you can make sure that any elligible student you know is aware of the scholarship so that they can take advantage of it. 🙂 Just share this post, or the scholarship page itself. The deadline is May 1, 2015, so students will have some time to craft their best possible essays.

For our part, we’re looking forward to hearing what the students have to say in our essays, and are looking forward to helping at least one of our Florida students forward his or her educational goals in the days ahead.

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