Other Places You Might Need Gutters

outbuildingYou already know that you need gutters on your home to handle Florida’s heavy annual rain fall. But have you thought about the other buildings that might be on your property?

Remember that gutters are a vital part of keeping water away from your foundations. They protect siding and windows as well. If you have any outbuildings those buildings will also need well-maintained gutters to defend them against the rain.

One of the most common buildings that we see people overlooking are detached garages. A detached garage absolutely needs the same gutter protection for a home.

Another time that we see gutters overlooked is when people add new buildings, such as an outdoor office. For the most part, those buildings, too, will need the additional protection of gutters.

Those gutters will need to be treated just like the main home’s gutters are: cleaned twice a year and repaired as soon as there’s a problem. Otherwise you could be looking of thousands of dollars in repairs.

You might be tempted to save a couple of dollars on your outbuilding gutters by trying to install them yourself. Don’t do it! Without a professional’s help you could set up a total gutter system that diverts water back towards foundations. You can also cause some considerable damage to your landscape.

If you’re starting a new project that you think might need gutters and you live in Homosassa, Beverley Hills, Ocala or elsewhere in the Tampa Bay area, call us. We’ll help you determine whether or not your new outbuilding actually requires gutters, and we’ll help you create a system that works with your existing home gutter system instead of against it.

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