Pasco County Cooperative Extension Hosts Gardening Classes

Planting season is upon us, making it a great time to think about a new rain garden. You might also want to think about starting a new vegetable garden. You could use a rain barrel to water it while enjoying some of the freshest vegetables you’ve ever tasted.

Not sure how to get started? Started a vegetable garden in the past, but then promptly killed it? The Pasco County Cooperative extension has you covered. On April 28 they’ll be holding a “Vegetable Garden Basics” class at Dade City Watson Park Community Garden from 9 AM to 10 AM.

The answers to the mysteries of choosing the right location, testing your soil, and planting various vegetables will all be revealed. You’ll learn Florida-friendly pest control methods too.

This is an interactive class. You’ll be doing some digging. Bring a shovel and some gloves. You’ll also walk away with your own gardening kit to get you started.

The class is free, and you can get more information about it here.

If a vegetable garden sounds like more work than you want to put in this year then consider this Florida-focused container gardening class instead. The container garden class will be held on May 17th from 12 PM to 1 PM at the Garden of the Five Senses at 4299 Pan America Boulevard. A few gorgeous containers can brighten up your landscape without forcing you to break major ground.

You can even get creative with containers. Gutter gardening is one of the only smart uses for cheap, DIY vinyl gutters, for example. They’re great for growing strawberries!

For rain gutters that will protect your home, of course, you’ll want to call us. The team at Rain Control Gutters will give you a free estimate on seamless aluminum rain gutters. Pasco County is right here in our service area, and if you live there we’re eager to help you protect your home from water damage.

After all, a great garden needs a safe, undamaged home to go with it!

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