Pinellas County Extension Offers New Water Wise Workshop

If you’ve missed previous “Water Wise” workshops then you might want to register online to catch the latest one. It will be held on Saturday, November 8 from 9 am to 12 pm at the Pinellas County Extension office in Largo, FL.

You may even want to register again if you’ve attended this workshop in the past, since topics do rotate from month to month. This time the extension office will be covering Rainwater Harvesting as well as a few other important topics.

The workshop is totally free.

This is a great place to go if you still have questions about rainwater harvesting. You also get a free food grade rain barrel out of attending the program, which means you can go home and get started right away.

There are a lot of benefits to rain water harvesting. You save money. You can also help your landscape look much nicer, since there are no water use restrictions on hand watering your flowers with harvested rain water. Obviously, making this move helps our environment, too.

If you can’t make the workshop you can still get a wealth of information about rainwater harvesting here on our blog. Here are the posts, for your convenience.

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