How to Repair a Leak at the Corner Seam

Silicone glue gun, isolated on whiteThe reduction of leaks is one of the biggest advantages of purchasing seamless aluminum gutters. Other gutter systems are sold in 10 foot sections, which means creating 3 seams if you have a 30 foot length of roof.

Seams are all potential leak sites. Aluminum gutters eliminate the problem, because the entire length of gutter is custom-made on-site.

So if you have a thirty foot length of gutter, you’ll get a thirty foot gutter to cover it, which means no seams along that length of house. This persists until you reach a corner.

There is no way to simply bend the metal around a corner. You have to keep going.

This means the installer has to fit one end to another end at the 90 degree corner. That creates one of the very few potential leak sites in the entire system.

And while seamless aluminum gutters don’t leak very often, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss how you might deal with this problem if you ever come across it.

First, you’ll need to pick up a silicone-based gutter sealant. You can find them in any box store.

The silicone makes your patch strong enough to withstand the sorts of torrential rains we experience here in the Tampa Bay Area.

Next, you’ll want to clean the leak site itself. Sealant needs a clean, dry surface.

Then, just follow the directions on your bottle of sealant and plug that leak!

Make sure to choose a dry day for this work. Your sealant will need to dry for at least two hours, and a sudden thunderstorm could wipe out all of your hard work.

That’s pretty much it! Now you’ve got fully functional gutters again, to the tune of $7.00 or so. It sure beats replacing entire sections of gutter, which is why you should consider switching to seamless aluminum gutters the next time that you replace yours.

When you do, call us. We serve every part of the Tampa Bay area from Homosassa to Ocala. We’ll give you a free estimate on a long-lasting gutter system that works.

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