Save More Water With Residential Rainflow Shut-Off Devices

RainShutoffSome of our readers still use traditional sprinklers. Hey, we don’t judge! But we did want to point out that there’s a smart, easy way to conserve water even if you aren’t sold on micro-irrigation, rain gardens, or rain water collection.

After all, you already know that you don’t really need to keep your sprinklers going when it rains. But if they’re on a timer, it’s very easy to get busy and to forget all about them.

That’s when water gets wasted. Stormwater runoff is also increased, since the ground can only hold so much water.

Fortunately, there’s an answer–the rainfall, rain flow, or rain shut off device.

You Need a Rainflow Shut-Off Device: It’s the Law

You may not know that Florida state law actually requires anyone with an automatic sprinkler system to use a rainfall shutoff device, or a similar device called a soil moisture irrigation control device. Both of these device types are armed with sprinklers which tell them that the lawn really doesn’t need watering right now.

This means the sprinklers just don’t come on when they don’t need to, preserving Florida’s water supply and cutting your water bill by a considerable margin.

A Rain Shutoff Device Saves Money In Other Ways, Too

You’ll see less wear and tear on your sprinkler system, which means it won’t have to be replaced so often.

Where to Buy a Rain Shutoff Device

You can actually buy rain flow shutoff devices on Garden stores may have them as well, and there are a couple of online sprinkler stores that have them, too.

Some of them cost less than $20, so getting one is not likely to put a big dent in your budget. 🙂 It will probably pay for itself in just a few water bills.

Bottom line–you should absolutely get one if you don’t have one already.

We don’t sell rain water shutoff devices, but our experience as licensed rain gutter contractors in Ocala, Largo, Land o’Lakes and the rest of the Tampa metro area means that we care deeply about Florida water use issues. After all, protecting your home from costly water damage is our business!

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