Rain Control Works Scholarship

rain-control-works-scholarshipAs small business owners here in Central Florida for the past 35 years, we understand the importance of a secondary education. Our economy can only thrive if we have a well-educated population. To that end, we’ve decided to provide a scholarship to support students throughout the country and we’re calling it the Rain Control Works Scholarship.

We will award a $1,500 scholarship to one student who demonstrates merit to our award committee by writing an essay on a pre-selected topic.

Please review the eligibility and application process below. Please include:

  • Your full name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Your mailing address with your application submission

The scholarship money will be sent to the winning applicant’s school within 30 days of the deadline. By participating you are giving us consent to contact you via mail, e-mail, or telephone call. In addition, if you are the winner you are giving us permission to use your name, college, and essay on this site for promotional purposes. If you’d like to include your photo please send that in with your submission.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship Award: $1,500

Application Deadline: Must be received by May 1, 2016

This scholarship is available to any student who is attending high school as a graduating senior or who is currently registered in any accredited post-secondary institution, college, business, or technical school in the U.S. This includes home schooled students. High school seniors must be accepted into an accredited post-secondary institution.

How to Apply

Please write an essay on the question outlined below. Please send proof of your current attendance at an accredited post-secondary institution (such as transcripts). Home schooled students may send alternate transcripts. High school seniors should send a copy of their acceptance letter indicating their admittance to an eligible post-secondary institution. Your essay should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to:


You are required to include the following information in your application:

  • Your full name, address, and contact details, including your phone number and e-mail address.
  • A statement of your current academic status, as well as high school transcripts or alternative transcripts indicating your status as an accepted student to an accredited post-secondary institution, including current transcripts or acceptance letters.
  • You give Rain Control Gutters express consent to confirm your admission and attendance by contacting the college, school, or university.
  • Your essay, sent as a word document (.doc or .docx) or PDF attachment. Essays in WordPerfect or any other form will not be accepted.

2016 Essay Question

What challenges will small business owners face in the next decade, and what can they do to overcome them?

Tips for the Essay:

  • Research the subject. Use statistics, expert interviews or other sources to back up your assertions.
  • Link to the sources that you reference in your essay.
  • Have a clear thesis statement. We have to know where you stand!
  • Create a clear, logical article which builds up to a strong conclusion.
  • Proofread! Make your essay as professional as possible.
  • Choose a professional font that is easy to read.

Privacy Policy and User Communications

Privacy Policy: By submitting an application the applicant automatically grants Rain Control Gutters, its agents and/or representatives permission to post the applicant’s name, school, university, photo (if submitted) and winning essay to Rain Control Gutter’s website or other marketing communications in the event that he or she is awarded the scholarship. You are also giving us permission to call or send you information regarding your application.

User Communications: When you send e-mail communications to Rain Control Gutters we may retain those communications in order to process and respond to your inquiries and application as related to the scholarship. Rain Control Gutters will not knowingly share, sell, rent or otherwise transfer your information other than in accordance with the terms set forth in this privacy policy. By participating in this scholarship you give us express consent to confirm your admission and attendance at the college or university by contacting it for verification.

Prior Scholarship Recipients:

2016 Winner:

Katelynn Christian
Ms. Katelynn Christian, student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Essay Question: What challenges will small business owners face in the next decade, and what can they do to overcome them?

2016 Rain Control Works Scholarship Winning Essay

2015 Winner:

Ms. Kiana Melendez, student at the University of Florida.

Essay Question: What is the biggest issue facing Florida’s economy, and how would you solve it?

2015 Rain Control Works Scholarship Winning Essay