Tampa Sees More Rain than Usual This Year

tampa-rain-conditionsThe Tampa Bay Times reports that the above-normal rainy season has raised the water levels in the Tampa Bay area. Anyone who didn’t get their gutters cleaned, repaired, or replaced during the rainy season was probably in real trouble this year.

The rain is good news for Florida’s water system.

Florida relies on rainy season accumulation for everything from drinking water, much of which is drawn from natural aquifiers, to the flow of rivers and stream.

Aquifier levels this week are within normal range, and within inches of where they were at this time last year, according to Swiftmud officials.

During the dry season, which begins in October and runs through May, Florida frequently runs the risk of sliding back into a pattern of drought.

That’s why Swiftmud recommends year-round water conservation measures, and, if the dry season is severe, cities and counties add more stringent conditions.

Most communities in west-central Florida are under some sort of water restrictions.

Pasco County, where watering is restricted to once a week, has retained some form of restriction for more than a decade.

Gutters do not necessarily stay 100% clean during a drought, so don’t neglect yours if we have one. Dirt, roof debris, and animal waste can accumulate in gutters when there’s no rain to wash them back out again. And the lack of rain can encourage animals to nest in what they perceive to be a great little space, too.

The dry season is a good time to implement your rainwater catchment system or rain garden, too. The effects of stormwater runoff are even worse when those May showers start hitting dry ground. If you’re not careful the water will also pool around your driveway, patio, walkways, or garage foundations, simply because it has nowhere else to go.

Whether the season is wet or dry you should call us if your gutters need attention. We serve the entire Tampa Bay Area, from St. Petersburg all the way to Ocala. Call us today for a free estimate.

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