The Rain Gutter Drink Chiller – One More Neat Gutter Project

rain gutter drink chillerWhile continuing to look for cool, creative projects that put gutters to good use we found this post from Lifehacker. The rain gutter drink chiller is great for outdoor entertaining.

To do this project you’d need a picnic table and a short section of gutter. Metal gutter pieces actually work well for this project as the metal will help you hold in the cold once you fill the chiller with ice.

Measure your gutter section. Then, cut a corresponding section out of your picnic table. If one of the boards on your picnic table is rotting or otherwise damaged that might be the board to use.

Place the gutter piece in the hole, then mount it. You can place the mounts under the table or directly on top of the table depending upon your preferences.

Primarily, your main concern would be to ensure that the gutter is mounted strongly enough to bear the weight of your ice and drinks. You’ll also want to drill screws through the sides of the gutter to sink them into the picnic table planks. This will give you an even more durable set-up.

Add end-caps to keep your ice from sliding out, too. The end result is a very cool conversation piece and a picnic table that looks custom made.

When you’re ready to use it just add your ice and your drinks, as well as anything else best kept cold (like mayo). You’ll get to enjoy less clutter in your back yard and you won’t get the “stuff floating in water” ice chest effect.

Cleaning this cooler is also easier than cleaning a normal cooler since you can drain it simply by temporarily removing one of the end-caps. You might have to tilt the table slightly to drain everything. It’s a good idea to wipe the gutter down when you’re done, too.

While you’re upgrading your picnic table don’t forget to take a look at the gutters on your home, too. Remember, gutters can help you avoid costly leaks and repairs to windows, doors, foundations, siding, driveways and more.

If you suspect your gutters need repair we’ll be happy to have a look at them. We’ve helped homeowners in Homosassa, Beverley Hills, and the rest of the Tampa area and we offer free estimates.

Get them checked for your peace of mind. That way you can go back to anticipating the party where you will unveil your cool new drink chiller!

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