What Are Gutter Guards and Do They Really Work?

what are gutter guardsSimply put, leaf gutter guards are a cover that goes over your gutter. The cover allows water to get into your gutters while keeping the bulk of the debris out. Gutter guards can be a great way to reduce the amount of maintenance that your gutters require.

Here are a few things that you should know.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter covers come in different styles, and not all gutter guards are created equal. Gutter guards that cover the gutter completely can be difficult to remove, and gutter guards with large, diamond shaped holes can let a lot of debris in, especially in the spring.

Some gutter guards are foam inserts that actually go inside of the gutter. Unfortunately debris can still end up trapped in these gutters and clogs can still happen.

Our leaf gutter guards are made of a micro-mesh. The holes in these guards are so fine that they trap very little debris, but all of the water can still get into the gutter. They are also very easy to remove.

Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards work under some very specific conditions.

First, gutter guards work only if you get the right type. Micro-mesh gutters are the only ones that can stand up to small forms of debris and heavy downpour conditions such as the ones that we experience here in Florida.

Other gutter guards either don’t let enough water in or don’t keep enough debris out.

Second, gutter covers work only if you maintain them. Don’t listen to sales representatives who tell you that gutters can keep you from having to think about your gutters ever again.

Instead, be aware that you’ll want to occasionally have to clean the organic debris from the top of the gutter guards. This is easily done with a scrub brush attached to the end of a fiber glass or aluminum pole.

The advantage of using a pole is that you don’t have to risk getting up on a ladder to do the cleaning as often, since this is a common way that homeowners get hurt. You can simply maintain the gutters from the ground with the right brush extension.

The other advantage is that the job will take less time. You should still do it every fall and every spring. The task should only take an hour or two and not your entire afternoon.

Every few years you may want to remove the gutter guard long enough to make sure that you take care of decomposed organic matter that might still have slipped through. Read our post on how to clean gutters for some helpful cleaning tips.

If you would like to explore the benefits of gutter guards for your home just give us a call. Our gutter company has been helping homeowners in New Port Richey, Land O’ Lakes, and throughout central Florida with gutter guards for a long time now. We’ll be happy to give you a free, timely estimate so you can spend less time on your ladder and more time doing things that you enjoy doing!

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  1. Hello,

    When they are functioning correctly, Water that falls on the roof, flows through the gutters off the roof and into the ground.

    If the edge of your roof is more than 200 feet from any large trees, you don’t need gutter guards. It is true that swirling winds can carry tree leaves quite a distance and drop the debris onto your roof. Rainfall and wind can easily transport this debris into your gutters, where it can create a clog.

    William M. Jackson

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