What Are K-Style Gutters (aka Ogee Gutters)?

what are k-style gutters

Here in the Tampa metro area we get 54″ of torrential rain every year. That means most homeowners need strong, durable gutters capable of holding up to so much water.

K-style gutters, also known as “ogee” gutters, are a great solution which allows homeowners to do just that. They hold more water than rounded gutters. They’re also tougher, doing a better job of standing up to water pressure, winds, and other stresses without bending or protruding. Finally, they blend in nicely with any style home so they always look great.

It’s for these reasons why we only install K-Style gutters.

K-Style Gutters: It’s All in the Shape
Look at a K-style gutter from the side and you’ll see a 90-degree angle followed by a strange squiggle-shape. It might look a bit like a letter “k” if you squint.

While it might not pass a handwriting test, the actual shape of the outer edge of the gutter, with its opposing curves and hooked top edge provides this gutter style with all of its damage resistance and overall durability.

As mentioned, these types of gutters are also known as “ogee” gutters, which is a somewhat accurate description of what the gutter looks like (ogee means “double curve”).

K-Style Gutter Materials & Sizes
You’ll find K-style gutters in every material gutters are made of, including the seamless aluminum gutters we specialize in. You can also find them in copper, galvanized steel, and vinyl.

Most homeowners will have either a 5-inch or a 6-inch K-style gutter. The 7-inch gutters are going to be a lot more common on commercial and industrial buildings. Custom sizes are available too, in the rare cases where they might be required.

We use 6″ K-style gutters on all of our residential gutter installations.

Other Advantages of K-Style Gutters
In addition to their durability and water-handling capabilities, you might want to consider this gutter style because:

  • They’re a stylish option that will give your home a little bit more pizzazz than the average rounded gutter. And as mentioned, they blend in perfectly with just about every style home.
  • They tend to be the gutter-style that’s most widely available because the on-site machines used to build custom seamless aluminum gutters are usually calibrated to create K-style gutters.
  • They require less maintenance than their rounded counterparts.

Truthfully, they’re the default gutter style for most gutter contractors. It’s rare for a homeowner to call us up and tell us they just really can’t stand the idea of having K-style gutters: bring on the round! When they do, though, it’s usually because they don’t understand the advantages K-style gutters have over round gutters or they simply want that “rounded gutter” look.

Disadvantages of K-Style Gutters
The first snag you’ll encounter with K-style gutters is, in fact, a snag. The little “hook” shape at the top of the curve has a nasty habit of catching debris.

They’re also a little harder to clean than rounded gutters because of the “K curve” and the “hook.” Although this might be a moot point if you’re calling someone to clean your gutters for you.

Fortunately, these minor disadvantages are very easy to correct.

How to Keep K-Style Gutters Clean
If keeping debris out of your gutters and ease-of-cleaning are major concerns for you then you should ask us about our Flo-Free leaf guards. These leaf guards prevent debris from entering your gutter system in the first place and do so better than any other style of leaf guard on the market.

They’re made of industrial-grade nylon and fit neatly into your gutters. They’re designed especially for K-Style gutters, so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting properly. These guards use the little hook at the top of the ogee to hold the leaf guards into place. They then curve over the top of the gutter and fit neatly into the straight side.

Flo-Free leaf guards have a smooth, slick-top surface that sends most debris to the ground. The nylon itself is porous, which means debris doesn’t slip through the way it does through gutter helmets or grates. You’ll still want to brush the debris off them from time to time, but that’s about all you’ll ever have to do for maintenance or cleaning.

Together, the K-style gutter and our Flo-Free leaf guards, offer a powerful one-two punch that can keep you off your ladder and end your gutter headaches. Combine them with seamless aluminum gutters and you get a really powerful punch: gutters that have fewer failure points and leak points combined with water capacity, durability, and a debris-free experience.

Add all that to the fact that seamless gutters can last up to 20 years and you have yourself the most homeowner-friendly honey-do-list relief you can possibly get!

Interested in a Headache-Free Gutter System for Your Own Home?
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