What are Seamless Gutters?

what are seamless guttersAs a leading gutter installer in Central Florida since 1975, we are often asked, “What are seamless gutters?” Seamless gutters are some of the most popular gutter types on the market today because they are extremely effective at keeping water away from the sides and foundations of homes. A number of Florida homeowners have seamless gutters installed to help prevent water damage to their homes.

Good gutter systems protect your home by collecting and dispersing water. The better the gutter – the safer your foundations, shingles, driveways, and walkways will be from potential water damage.

DIY and “old school” gutters are sold in 10’ lengths. As a result, when they are installed there are seams every 10’. If your house is 50’ across on one side, you’d have four seams. These seams are not only unsightly, but more importantly, each one is a potential leak point.

By contrast, seamless gutters are made onsite to match the exact measurements of your home using a seamless gutter machine. A sheet of aluminum is fed through the machine and is then molded, or bent, into one large piece of gutter that runs the full length required. That means that even if there’s a 50’ gutter that has to be installed across one side of your home, all 50 feet will be one “seamless” gutter. This significantly reduces the number of potential leak points in the overall system.

It’s important to point out that there will be some seams in the overall system. Seamless doesn’t literally mean “no seams.” There are seams at the corners and downspout outlets. However, with a seamless gutter system you’ll significantly reduce the potential leak points to a mere handful.

The few seams there are, we secure and seal them to make sure they are completely leak resistant. And if by small chance the seams do leak, we guarantee our work so we’ll come out and fix them. When we install our rain gutters, our goal is to make sure they can withstand the torrential rainfalls that can be common in the Brandon and Tampa Bay areas.

The result is a highly effective, low-maintenance gutter system. It never needs painting, comes in a variety of colors and contributes to the beauty and value of your home.

Of course, low-maintenance does not mean “no” maintenance. To get the best results you will still have to keep your rain gutters free from leaves, debris, and bird’s nests. You should also have your fasteners checked periodically. Immediate repairs to damaged fasteners can prevent costly replacements.

We hope this post answers the common question, what are seamless gutters? This type of system is one that looks great on a home and is the most leak resistant gutter option on the market today.

We’ve been installing gutters and leaf guards for Clearwater and central Florida residents since 1975! If you’d like the peace of mind that can come from adding seamless gutters to your home just give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to give you a free and timely estimate!

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