What is the True Cost of Water Damage?

water damage to homeRain gutters protect many vital areas of your home against water damage, which is a great reason to keep them clean and in good repair. In this post we’ll talk about some of the areas of the home that gutters protect, and what you might expect to pay to repair them should they begin suffering from water damage.

You can compare these costs to the costs outlined in our post: How Much do Gutters Cost? This can help you make informed decisions about the care and maintenance of your home.

Roof Leaks
A poorly maintained or ineffective gutter system can eventually cause your roof to leak. This can also mean water damage to the ceiling inside of your home.

Roof repairs can cost anywhere from $600 to $5000. This does not include the costs of repainting your ceiling or patching your sheet rock.

Water damage eventually cracks foundations, creating an urgent situation. Cracked foundations can eventually cause cracked, warped walls. Taken to their extreme, warped foundations can cause parts of your house to collapse.

Foundation repair is never cheap. You can expect costs to start at $10,000, minimum.

Siding and Walls
Water that gets under your siding can get into your walls, too. This causes peeling paint, rotting wood, and unattractive stains. It can also cause mold.

Mold is a major health hazard that can render your home completely unlivable. Removal can cost $10,000 or more. These costs do not, of course, factor in the costs of repairing your walls or the siding itself.

Leaky, drafty windows can become a problem as water starts to rot the window sill and frame. This will cause the paint around your windows to bubble and peel. Wood window sills and frames will rot, and that rot can also be transferred to the surrounding walls.

Leaky, drafty windows create hidden costs, too. They let energy escape the home, which means you can expect your electric bill and your gas bill to skyrocket.

Windows can cost $200 to $1000 per window to replace, or $300 to $400 per window to restore. Count the number of windows in your home to get a sense of what those kinds of repairs might mean for you.

Gutters Just Make Sense
These are just a few of the areas of your home that can be torn apart by water damage when you don’t make gutters a priority. When you compare these costs to the cost of an efficient seamless rain gutter system you’ll see why gutters are such an important investment.

If you live in Wesley Chapel, Land O’Lakes, New Port Richey or anywhere else in the Tampa Bay Area, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate on new gutters, gutter repairs, or gutter cleaning so that you can prevent these much more costly problems!

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