Why You Should Invest in Seamless Gutters

We custom cut gutters at your home using a machine just like this.

Your gutters are sagging, or pulling away from your roof. They’ve got big holes in them and they’re no longer doing their job.

It’s time for a replacement. And the last thing you want to do is spend too much money.

After all, you just got finished spending an arm and a leg on Christmas. And gutters aren’t exactly a fun purchase. There are dozens of other things you’d rather spend money on, so you might be tempted to run down to your local big box store so you can pick up vinyl gutters and get it over with.

Here’s why you might want to reconsider that idea.

A gutter is only as good as its ability to keep water away from your house.

Water that pelts the foundation and sides of your home does a lot of damage.

  • It can erode your foundation.
  • It can rot any wooden component of your house—and yes, it can work its way under siding.
  • The rot includes door and window frames, which are most often made of wood.
  • It can cause mold and mildew. Mold, especially, becomes a dangerous and expensive problem that’s hard to get rid of.
  • It can erode your landscaping, which is a more expensive fix than most people think.

Here in the Tampa, FL area, we regularly experience hard, driving rains that put your home at risk if your gutters aren’t up to the challenge. An average of 46″ per year is 46″ you don’t want anywhere near your home.

Vinyl gutters have built-in leaks from the moment they go up.

Vinyl gutters are sold in 10′ sections. Chances are, most of the sides of your home are a lot longer than 10′. That length accounts for perhaps the average wall of a smaller room in your home.

Depending on your house shape, this means you could have anywhere from three to five leak points in your gutter system, not counting the corners, which add two more leak points per house side. There is simply no way to make the joins between these sections, or seams, water-tight enough to prevent some water from getting through.

Over time, this water exposure builds up, and sooner or later you’re dealing with the same level of damage you were dealing with before.

Vinyl gutters are only expected to last 10 years. If that.

In a moderate climate, vinyl gutters are expected to last about ten years.

Here in Florida, we’ve seen them give out in as few as five. They’re just not up to the challenge of heavy duty Florida rainfall.

Seamless aluminum gutters solve all these problems.

So, to recap.

Vinyl gutters:

  • Mean you’re getting up there on a ladder to do the work.
  • Will require replacement every 5 years, costs that add up.
  • Don’t really do the job, which means you may need to make even more costly repairs later.

Seamless gutters:

  1. Are custom-cut to fit every side of your house, eliminating all those leak points save for the corners, which can’t be helped on any gutter system ever designed.
  2. Are good for up to 20 years. The average homeowner only spends 11 to 15 years in any given house. If you fit average patterns, you’re only going to have to worry about getting this done once. At least until your next home needs them.
  3. Are professionally installed, since they require special equipment to cut and make right on site.

They also aren’t as expensive as you think, especially when you consider the fact that they really are an investment. Whatever you pay for them will be more than paid for when you consider all the repairs and replacements you’re not paying for.

Want to find out what that investment looks like? Live in our service area? Give us a call today for a free quote.

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