4 Reasons to Install New Gutter Guards

FlowFreeGutter guards have gotten a lot of bad press, but the right gutter guards can save you a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of headaches. Assuming that you do get the right gutter guards (and we’ll tell you which ones to get in a minute) here are four reasons why you should make the investment.

1. Cleaning gutter guards takes way less time and effort than cleaning gutters does.

Here in the Tampa Bay metro area we see gutters get filled up fast. Torrential rains and wild winds mean that un-guarded gutters wind up sagging under the weight of cold, wet, mushy, heavy debris. It happens all the time.

Every spring and every fall, people without gutter guards have to either call us for a cleaning or get up on the ladder, risking a fall as they take on this dirty, unpleasant job for themselves. A few people forget all about it…and suffer the consequences later.

When you have the right gutter guards you can skip all that. Your task will mostly be to scrub the tops of the guards so that they can continue taking in water. That’s it. You could do it with a brush on a pole if you wanted to, and stay off the ladder altogether.

2. Extend the Lifespan of Your Gutters

When gutters fill up with debris they start dealing with some stress. Pockets of standing water can form, which then become breeding grounds for mosquitos. More urgently, the weight of the debris can start to detatch your gutter attachments.

Especially if that weight is a living thing. Many animals love gutters.

Pretty soon your gutters may be leaking, and by that point, they may just be beyond saving.

3. Improves the Value of Your Home

Yes, gutter guards are a selling point, and appraisers do take them into account. You’ll typically recoup your investment when it’s time to sell your home.

4. Rainwater Harvesting is More Effective

If you’re going to be harvesting any kind of rain water than gutters are a good bet. After all, they will act as a filter, keeping debris from entering your rain barrel.

This means less stress on your rain barrel filtering system. It also means more water overall, since wet leaves and muck aren’t going to be trapping as much of your water.

Which gutter guards are the best?

Here at Rain Control Gutters we offer customers in our service area (Brandon, Ocala, Homosassa and the rest of the Tampa Bay area) Flo-Free Leaf Guards to protect their homes. These guards don’t even let fine debris through, but they don’t block rain either. That means they’re well-equipped to handle Florida’s torrential rains.

Got questions? Call us! We’ll be happy to come out to your home, offer a free estimate, and answer any questions you might have about adding gutter guards to your home.

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