Are Copper Gutters Worth the Investment?

copper gutters installed

They gleam in the sunlight and are reminiscent of stately homes and churches from another era. There’s no denying that copper gutters are gorgeous. There are even people who will tell you they’re more eco-friendly than their aluminum counterparts.

They’re also the most expensive type of gutter you can buy, so you will want to think carefully before deciding they’re right for you.

What are the biggest benefits of copper gutters?
There’s no denying copper gutters offer some impressive benefits.

  • They don’t rust.
  • They are algae-proof and fungi-proof.
  • They’re structurally stable and sound.
  • They’re durable and do a good job of standing up to our climate here in the Tampa metro area.
  • They’re low maintenance in the extreme.
  • They can last for up to a century (that’s not a typo)

The thing is, seamless aluminum gutters have the first five advantages too. They don’t have the sixth, they “only” last 20 years. Of course, you’re not likely to be in your home for 100 years, and the disadvantages of copper gutters could outweigh that longevity advantage anyway.

It’s worth noting that copper isn’t invincible either. If a big tree branch falls on the gutter system just right it will tear part of it away just like it would any other gutter. This means that “100 year installation” may not last as long as you might like: you’ll have to get a repair if that happens, or maybe even a brand new installation.

What are the major disadvantages of copper gutters?
There are two big ones. First, they eventually turn green. When that happens, you’re going to have to get up on a ladder and get to work with a copper-cleaning solution. They’ll also require you to apply UV resistant antioxidant coating, which means suddenly they aren’t so maintenance-free.

Second, they’ll cost three to four times what a seamless aluminum gutter system would cost.

They may also draw attention you don’t want to draw. These expensive gutters could tell potential thieves and con artists you have money to burn, making you stand out as a target. Copper itself is a valuable item for thieves, and while we’ve never heard of anyone ripping copper gutters off a home to sell them, stranger things have happened.

Why are copper gutters so expensive?
The first reason comes, of course, from the material itself. Copper is far more expensive than aluminum, about 3 1/2 times more expensive at of the time of this writing.

The second reason comes from the installation process. Copper requires a more delicate installation process than aluminum. This means the installation takes two or three times longer, depending on the size of your house and installation needs.

Are you still interested in copper gutters? Contact us for a free estimate today!
Ultimately the decision is yours, but unless you’re just in love with copper gutters, seamless aluminum gutters will generally be the smarter choice but we’d be more than happy to discuss the costs of each and to help you determine the best solution for your home.

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