Dealing With Moss in Your Gutters

Moss on your roof and in your gutters can clog your gutters and retain water as surely as old, wet leaves can. Moss also requires a little extra effort to get out of your gutters as it is a very persistent little plant.

Start by creating a vinegar and water solution. You’ll need one part of vinegar to four parts of water, and you’ll need enough of it to treat the entire affected area.

You’ll also want to get a power washer for the later stages of the process. Review the video below for power washer safety tips.

Next, you’ll have to get up on your ladder. You’ll start by pulling up the moss by hand.

Be aware that the moss will have an entire root system that needs to come up. If you leave the root system in place the moss will come back.

If the moss is up on your roof as well then you’ll need to get up there to remove it from the roof, too. Otherwise it will grow right back into your gutters. However, do not use your pressure washer on the roof under any circumstances. You will damage your roof. You may need to consult a professional roof cleaner if a brush and your vinegar solution doesn’t help you.

Once you’ve pulled up all of the moss you can spray down the affected areas with your vinegar solution. THe acid in your vinegar will keep the moss from growing back.

You could also use bleach in your power washer, as mentioned in the video, since the next step will be to power wash your roof, gutter, and drainpipe.

Installing gutter guards can help keep the moss out of your roof in the future. You will, of course, want to continue to clean your gutters in the fall and in the spring to catch anything that got past the guards. (There will be far less than you’d have dealt with without the guards, but no gutter guard is 100% capable of keeping everything out).

If you find the thought of cleaning moss from your gutters to be daunting or you’d like to take advantage of a professional gutter guard installation you can always call us. We’ve helped homeowners as far North as Ocala down through St. Petersburg with issues just like this for over 35 years. Call us today for a free estimate!

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