Is the Gutter Sense Cleaning Tool a Good Buy?

While we no longer provide gutter cleaning services in Tampa or any of the areas we serve, we’re always on the lookout for tools, gadgets, or services that can help our customers maintain the seamless gutters we install for them. We recently came across this tool, and we thought it might be worth checking out.

Gutter Sense Overview

The Gutter Sense tool is another tool designed to keep you off your ladder when it’s time to clean your gutters.

This is an impulse we applaud, because every year people wind up in the hospital thanks to gutter cleaning accidents.

The idea behind the Gutter Sense is that it’s a telescoping rod with a pair of polycarbonate tongs on the end of it. The tongs can grab about 14 inches of leaves and debris at a time.

The video below was made by the guy who invented the tool.

Gutter Sense Pros

The tool is lightweight and adjustable. It can get the worst of the debris out of your gutters.

You can typically get around your home pretty quickly, using the tool to give yourself a basic gutter cleaning. It’s certainly superior to avoiding the job altogether.

Note that the inventor suggests taking at least two passes around your home with the tool to make sure you get everything. We’re especially concerned that the tool might leave debris at the very bottom of the gutters, so we recommend following this advice.

Gutter Sense Cons

Many people have reported that the pole that comes with the Gutter Sense isn’t as sturdy as it should be. It seems to be a good idea to buy a sturdier telescoping pole to use with the Gutter Sense.

A lot of reviewers also reported that their arms and neck became fatigued very quickly as they tried to clean their gutters. It seems a lot of rest breaks are in order, especially if you’re using it on second story gutters.

All in all, however, it seems to be a pretty good little tool.

What’s the easiest way to maintain your gutters?

You wouldn’t be reading this review if you weren’t interested in finding an easy way to clean your gutters.

That’s why we want to take a moment to remind you that you do have the option of installing fine mesh leaf guards. Fine mesh leaf guards work better than most gutter guards on the market because they just don’t let the small debris through.

However, they don’t clog your gutters either. Water can get through the mesh, even though debris can’t.

This vastly reduces the amount of time that you’ll have to spend cleaning or maintaining your gutters, either on a ladder or with a tool like the Gutter Sense.

If you live in St. Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater or anywhere else in the Tampa Bay metro area, feel free to call us. We’ll show you exactly how effective our leaf guards are, and we’ll give you a free estimate too!

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