How to Remove Tiger Stripes from Aluminum Gutters

 how-to-remove-tiger-stripes-from-aluminum-guttersUsually when I talk about cleaning gutters I’m talking about removing debris so that your gutters can function properly. However, seamless aluminum gutters can also become afflicted with “tiger stripes,” an unsightly build up of dirt and pollution that washes over the gutters again and again until they have vertical grime stripes running across them.

Tiger stripes are difficult to simply scrub off. By the time you see the stripes these deposits are already built up heavily enough to resist anything other than a strong gutter cleaning solution.

There are a couple of choices out there. Streak Getter Gutter Cleaner gets good reviews. So does Krud Kutter and Gutter Zap. Some people really like using Simple Green, and I’ve even heard of people who have found some success using Oven Cleaner.

Once you’ve chosen the product you’ll want to use a soft bristle brush to apply the solution. Use a brush with a long extension handle so you don’t have to get on the ladder.

You don’t have to scrub the gutters very vigorously. The chemical should cut most of the gunk for you.

Once you’ve scrubbed off the stripes you can rinse your gutters with the hose to get rid of the chemical.

Keep your gutters cleaned out and protect them with gutter guards to try to keep the problem from reappearing. Tiger stripes usually only happen when the gutters have been left too long without any attention.

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