Learn About Your Water Footprint

water-footprintRecently, we talked about sinkholes in Florida. In that article, we talked about the fact that sinkholes are directly related to water use issues.

That’s why we were very interested to learn about Waterfootprint.org.

Waterfootprint.org is designed to help people understand their own water footprints. This is similar to your carbon footprint. It measures your consumption of this precious resource.

Fresh water is a scarce resource; its annual availability is limited and demand is growing. The water footprint of humanity has exceeded sustainable levels at several places and is unequally distributed among people. There are many spots in the world where serious water depletion or pollution takes place: rivers running dry, dropping lake and ground water levels and endangered species because of contaminated water. The water footprint refers to the volumes of water consumption and pollution that are “behind” your daily consumption.

As a consumer, you can reduce your “direct water footprint” (home water use) by installing water-saving toilets, applying, a water saving shower head, closing the tap during teeth brushing, using less water in the garden and by not disposing medicines, paints, or other pollutants through the sink.

Many of the posts that we have offered on this blog can help you reduce your water footprint. For example:

We will continue to offer suggestions for lowering your water footprint here on our blog. If nothing else, lowering your water footprint saves money!

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