More Vinyl Gutter Home Improvement Projects

After our article on vinyl gutter bookshelves, we happened to notice a few more ways that people have been creatively using gutters, particularly vinyl gutters. As long as you don’t try to use them on your house we are 100% behind vinyl gutters – and all of the cool ideas they are generating!

Some people have carried the shelving idea a bit further, for example, by using gutters for other types of shelves. Readers who do lots of crafts might like using them to store rolls of ribbon or metal foil.

Home chefs with large kitchens might enjoy using them for spice racks, since kitchen clutter can quickly become intolerable. Fumbling through spices while dinner is burning simply isn’t any fun.

Gutter spice racks and other gutter shelves work on the same basic principle that gutter bookshelves do. Everything is neatly stored, but you can see everything that’s on the shelves because the items are facing the front. This allows for a more attractive, organized display that you just can’t get from traditional shelves.

Gutters also make nice quick, easy planting boxes. You can use these planters either indoors or outdoors.

If your office area has become a disaster zone because of power cord clutter then gutters may also be able to help. Simply run some small gutter shelving beneath your desk area. Use the gutter shelves to keep computer cords, router cords, and printer cords safe, untangled, and out of your way.

You don’t have to restrict this technique to the underside of your desk, of course. If you have to run a long cord across the room you could easily mount a gutter to feed the cord safely along the wall so that nobody will trip over it.

Of course, if you’re planning to use gutters to protect your home from water damage then you won’t want to rely on vinyl gutters. They are easily damaged by heavy winds and falling tree limbs–two things you’ll see a great deal of in the Tampa Bay area.

Aluminum seamless rain gutters are a much better choice. They can stand up to the rough south Florida weather storms without much difficulty, and they don’t leak as much as other types of gutters do.

We’ve helped home owners in parts of the Tampa Bay area like Brandon and the rest of Hillsborough county protect their homes from water damage by outfitting their homes with aluminum seamless rain gutters. If you’d like to explore the benefits of seamless rain gutters for your own home just call us for a free estimate. In the meantime, enjoy those cool DIY gutter projects all over your home!

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